Month: March 2015

Now It’s a Party


Lots to say this week, but no time to get it down on whatever it is that passes for paper these days.

I blame that lovely beast pictured above.

I have been unable to play since October. Because reasons:

Two weeks ago I had a witch doctor inject a load of Lance Armstrong-ish stuff in my wrist. And lo and behold, the brace is gone and I can play guitar again. read more

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My Favorite World #18

When I was a lad, I decided I should go ahead and plan on accomplishing three simple tasks:

  1. Read every great book ever written.
  2. Listen to every great piece of music ever written.
  3. See every great movie ever made.

I’m almost finished.1/rimshot

Reading is a huge piece of My Favorite World. Much of my recent reading has been non-fiction. It’s been pretty heavy slogging.2Including yet another run-in with Daniel Dennett that ended the way the first two did: I’m doing pretty well until, inevitably, somewhere c. page 120-150, I begin to feel I am the stupidest person in the world. I liked Coming of Age in the Milky Way  quite a lot, but covering billions of years can sort of feel like it. It was time for some fiction. read more

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Breaking: Water is Still Wet


Late last year, the NY Police were very, very cross with their new Mayor, who had the gall to mention that he had instructed his son to be very careful and respectful if he had any encounters with the police. Here’s a picture of the mayor and his son.

What possible reason could da mayor have had for saying such a thing? read more

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My Favorite World #17

That fellow up there trying to avoid my camera’s eye is my son. 1He is also my wife’s son, but this is about me. So there. This attempt at candid capture is Exhibit 5234 in a series of why I am the most annoying person in the world.2To be fair, he suggests that I am only tied with Mom. Again, this blog is about ME. So there. Mea culpa. read more

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