Month: April 2015

A Walk Down the Garden Path

1. a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

Nostalgia is a great way to escape the present. And despite a few half-hearted attempts at addressing the latest episodes of state-sponsored violence and racial disparity, your Narrator finds that refuge irresistible right now. A sharp observer with keen understanding and insight could make sense of recent events playing large in the news. I’m not that guy, so if that’s your desire, I recommend this recent piece from Ta-Nehisi Coates and this one from a year ago. He puts a bow on a package that too many people are afraid to unwrap.1In fact, you really could just skip my meander down memory lane and deal with Coates. And I’ll say again: that Coates is not twice-a-week at the NY Times while mendacious hacks like David Fking Brooks and Ross Cardinal Douhat are gainfully employed is a fundamental crime. Never mind the demented harpy Dowd. But I digress. read more

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My Favorite World #23

That happy little spot – complete with mini-library kiosk – is the Norton Arts Center in Hapeville, GA.1A close southern suburb of Atlanta, featured prominently in Gone With the Wind. I paid my second visit there on Saturday, this time as part of RoboCromp – Chamber Fusion for a New Millenium. read more

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My Favorite World #22

All that stuff is packed up and I’m on my way to the ATL for a gig. First public noisemaking since September. Say hallelujah.

If you’re in Atlanta Saturday, here are the details.

This is the band that will not die: RoboCromp. We’ve been playing together off and on for 27 years. This project goes back 11 years. Here’s what RoboCromp sounded like in 2004. read more

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In Defense of Shame

I come here not to bury shame, but to praise it. Sort of.

There has been a surge in the media about the damaging impact of shame on our individual psyches. In general, these are pretty much outstanding discussions about how we internalize shame and allow it to debilitate our lives in ways subtle and not-so. In particular, I recommend this talk by Dr Brene Brown: read more

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