Month: May 2015

My Favorite World #27

It’s graduation week for Röbsdöttïr, which means Memory Lane has been a road far more traveled by.

Who is this kid? I’ll let a slightly altered quote from My Dinner with Andre suffice:

I mean, you know, people hold on to these images: father, mother, husband, wife, again for the same reason: ’cause they seem to provide some firm ground. But there’s no wife there. What does that mean, a wife? A husband? A daughter? A baby holds your hands, and then suddenly, there’s this beautiful young woman waving goodbye, and then she’s gone. Where’s that daughter? read more

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Happy Anniversary, Tick

This week’s scheduled post – which is truly a zenith of the form, a paragon of wit and insight, a trenchant gaze at the meaning of words and their inevitable degradation – remains incomplete.

But there’s no need to fear! Nostalgia man is here.

One year ago today, Your Narrator was lying in bed, bemoaning the little flu virus gathered on a recent trip to NY. Things took a different course. Rather than taking time to re-relate this amusing tale, the Narrator refers you to the post Now You Know What I Did Last Summer. read more

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My Favorite World #26

Thirty-one years ago today, that marvelous woman took a big leap of faith and said “I do”. As did I. And we still do.

My Favorite World.

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Your Electric Picture Radio Box Matters #2: Don Draper and the Flitcraft Parable


Dashiell Hammett was one hell of a writer, wrongly denigrated as a “genre” scribbler.1As were/are PK Dick, Raymond Chandler, Walter Mosley, &c. His most famous work likely is The Maltese Falcon, which is itself probably better remembered as a great movie starring Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, Sidney Greenstreet, and Mary Astor and directed by John Huston. read more

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