Month: November 2016

It Did Happen Here

We took down our Clinton sign yesterday.

I accept what is. I’m beyond denial and bargaining. No Fairy Unicorn is going to swoop in and alter the Electoral College. No White Knight from the FBI is going to clap irons on the Trump cabal for back channel dealing with Russia. There is no miracle in the wings. read more

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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Night

Soon, it will all be over. Hard to believe, but true.

The end.



The end of the arguments, the pitched battles on Facebook and in the comments section of your favorite newspaper, the unbridled anger, the long friendships dashed, families split asunder. The embarrassed glances as your neighbor plants another sign for that person, that idiot fraud who is going to destroy democracy as we know it, that tool of the special interests whose only interest is in undermining your freedom, your very way of life. read more

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Still Out of Africa

A quick update on the Very Big Project. The interest and support has been fantastic, with more than 40 donors contributing to my efforts to travel to Uganda and follow this story. I’m especially grateful to Doug Blackburn for his generous coverage of this project in the Tallahassee Democrat.

Fundraising read more

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