Month: April 2018

De mortuis nil nisi bonum Does Not Rhyme With Rich

I posted this on the Twitter machine last night and took a little bit of grief for it. De mortuis nil nisi bonum goes the ancient admonition – Of the dead, speak nothing but good – and it was suggested that my comment was disrespectful and in poor taste.

On the other hand, I also got a ton of likes and retweets, with several commenters taking things farther and offering some truly savage comments about the late Mrs. Bush.1Though none as toxic as the that offered by the odious Roger Stone. You’ll have to search for it if you’re interested.He gets no link from this bloggy vineyard.   2I also received numerous requests to define the word encomia, the plural of encomiumwith one wag suggesting that I must keep a Word of the Day calendar on my desk. Peccant whereas criminated. read more

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Better South

Both these gents can play the bass part from I’ll Take You There.
Only one of them created that masterpiece.

I don’t really know where to begin to talk about this year’s Word of South Festival. I could begin at the beginning, that moment when I had my photo taken with legendary Muscle Shoals bassist David Hood, creator of what is arguably the coolest bass part in the history of pop music.

Go on and check that endless groove behind Mavis Staples. Set it on repeat. Mercy. read more

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Your Electric Picture Radio Box Matters #3: The Critical Importance of Myth (#BlackJesusMatters)

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live” – Joan Didion

“We tell each other stories in order to live together” – i2b

People accuse the i2b team of elitist snobbery, of being blind and deaf to the kinds of entertainment that “real people” might enjoy. P’tah, saith the team: The i2b brow covers the full range, from low to high and all points in between. read more

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