It’s Always Something. Usually.

Last week left us with a thought experiment, predicated on the proposition that, given two pieces of looming news, only one can possibly turn out well.1For me, that qualified as a burst of optimism.

Well imagine my surprise. The verdict on The Cancer is negative; the verdict on Daughter’s acceptance to first-pick U is positive. We have defied the odds. I will live long enough to be bankrupted by my childrens’ higher education expenses. And my allegedly data-based pessimism has taken yet another blow, maybe even enough to convert me into one of the smiling optimists of the world.

Ah, pshaw. Go on.

In the aftermath of all the shoes dropping, each in their preferred place, this weekend was an orgy of indolence and self-indulgence. Yeah, ok, I completed taxes and did some real work2My Calvinist streak never far from the surface., but we blew off and went to the movies and down to the shore and out to dinner and drank beer in the afternoon and took naps and let the dog hang her head out the car window.

I also stalked an egret for a short conversation, getting within about five feet of this fella.


He didn’t have much to say, but he made his words count.

This was part of a jaunt to St Marks Wildlife Refuge, a piece of paradise on this planet. Proof….


That post-bridge, thanks Clarence, George Bailey feeling is getting all up amongst me. Why, I’m downright ungrumpy.

Also, too…I may actually be able to play a guitar for the first time in about 5 months. Not quite, but the wrist seems to be trying to get better. And the guitar anxiety dreams3Picture naked for a final exam, but more fraught. are kicking in with a vengeance. Dare I express optimism on this score? Dare I not?

Your regularly scheduled dyspepticism will resume next week. Or not. No promises. Maybe I’ll be Captain Fucking Cheerful from now on.


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rick mascarini 02/16/2015
| |

glad to read about the outcomes last week and the continuing adventures of Capt.Cheerful, the mild pirate of FLA. so, no guitar for 5 months … join the club of over fifty (well, in my case, now over 60), when life hurls things that cannot be dodged but need to be faced head on, putting even music (or the act of playing it) on the sidelines for longer than is bearable.

so, if the wrist allows, time to write some simple melody, I sez.

peace from the northeast (again),


George Trotter 02/16/2015
| |

Captain Fucking Cheerful… I would vote for him. Cheers!

david 02/16/2015
| |

Here’s to it all. Or, as my Nana was wont to say, “So, nu? It should only continue”

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