My Favorite World #17

That fellow up there trying to avoid my camera’s eye is my son. 1He is also my wife’s son, but this is about me. So there. This attempt at candid capture is Exhibit 5234 in a series of why I am the most annoying person in the world.2To be fair, he suggests that I am only tied with Mom. Again, this blog is about ME. So there. Mea culpa.

We were up at dawn today to catch sunrise off the Right Coast of Florida. The clouds were uncooperative, which may explain my apparent posture of despair and despond.

Photo by Son

Eventually the son assented to photographic embrace, with no small amount of protest.

Son with photobombing hound
Son with photobombing hound

Alright, it’s cloudy and I’m clearly the world’s most annoying person. A wet and sandy hound named Andy has just assaulted us both. What could possibly make this post part of My Favorite World?

It’s that boy up there. We have a few days at the beach, away from the wymmins of the family, and – annoying though I certainly am – I love that kid more than anything.3Even if he does spend his every waking hour rolling his eyes at me. For a couple of days, I have him pretty much to myself.

And eventually, the clouds gave way just enough to offer this epic display of psychedelia.


My Favorite World.4I expect to catch an enormous flurry of shit for posting this. Whatevs.

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Diana Jones-Ellis 03/19/2015
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