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The Dog Ate It

Make it stop.
Make it stop.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Or perhaps this happened again.

Or maybe this happened.

Oh well. Could be worse…

Such a Lovely Word

Everyone has a set of favorite words. Even if you’ve never thought about it, you have a go-to collection that would represent pretty nicely in a wordcloud illustration. Even with kids and teens (allowing for some obvious weighting towards utterances such as the quotative like and whatevs1Like totaly, like, whatevs.), there are just certain words that work, that ring, that roll off the tongue and end up becoming as much a part/reflection of your public identity as your choice of clothing, car, music, &c. read more


Sartre Got Nuttin on Me

A Monday has come and nearly gone, and the Writer remains chained in the dankness of his scribbler’s warren, seized by the bitter darkness that attends the cold winds of hopelessness and despair.1These are metaphors, you know. And yet, as the daylight wanes and the hoarfrost descends, there is no post. No hope. Only a bleak, suffocating sense of emptiness. read more


Soft rollout part iii – Grand Opening on Monday

Soft rollout part iii – Grand Opening on Monday

Join us Monday morning for the Grand Opening of this emerging blogular powerhouse. We’ll have cupcakes, candy corn, fruit punch, frozen egg rolls, and Jager shots. Please invite all your cool friends who don’t realize they’re cool.

In the meantime, here is a piece of awesome from the mental_floss website. There will be a quiz. read more

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