My Favorite World #20 point 5

Ed Note: This is a bonus, unscheduled MFW. Be happy.


That beautiful couple in the photo is my treasured Stratocaster plugged into my latest Hero BoardTM.1Micro POG→MXR Phase 90→Jetter Tritium overdrive→ Ernie Jr. volume pedal→ Big Muff Pi→ Nano Freeze→ Ibanez Tube Screamer→ TC Ditto. Enquiring minds &c. Today this combo aired out the studio for a couple of hours, their first day in the light in six months. Say hallelujah and amen.

Both the strings and the board layout are unchanged since the 4WAKO gig in September.2Coffee is for closers. New strings are for in-shape hands. Soon. I’m getting back in trim for some rehearsals this weekend in Tallahasse, this ahead of a re-embrace of public humiliation in Atlanta in a gig or two later this month with my once and future compadre. As such:

Daylilies by RoboCromp, 2011

Also, too, these guys joined the fun.

Everett F-85 and Fender Deluxe
Everett F-85 and Fender Deluxe

Ain’t no more favorite world than This Favorite World.

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rick 04/10/2015
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hallelujah and amen (he said) … rock on!

George Trotter 04/09/2015
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love the RoboCromp!

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