My Favorite World #23

That happy little spot – complete with mini-library kiosk – is the Norton Arts Center in Hapeville, GA.1A close southern suburb of Atlanta, featured prominently in Gone With the Wind. I paid my second visit there on Saturday, this time as part of RoboCromp – Chamber Fusion for a New Millenium.

The Band that Refuse to Die
RoboCromp – The Band That Refuses to Die

RoboCromp has been active-even-while-dormant since 2004, with two CDs recorded. 2Only one released. It is available for a few shekls to the interested. It is also fking terrific. We played two sets of mostly Cromp originals, with a few covers from the songbooks of Steve Lacy, Ornette Coleman, Abdullah Ibrahim, and Bill Frisell.

Legions of Fans
Legions of Fans

Turns out we were scheduled cross-town from an appearance by Marshall Allen of Sun Ra Arkestra fame. A handful of our intrepid pals came to hear us, but to be honest, I would have made the Ra pilgrimage myself if I had not been gigging.

Still, it was a terrific night. My first gig since September, so a bit ragged here and there, but generally a spirited and satisfying performance. There may be a recording, but so far, no confirmation on that. The only bummer is that we had been working a new piece pretty hard lately, and then we forgot to play the damned thing.

Guess we need to keep doing this until we get it right.

Playing the music. My Favorite World.

PS – Eagle-eyed followers of the blog3If such a creature exists. will have noticed the absence of the Monday diversion this week. It will be along shortly, and before the next Monday diversion is due. Perhaps. No promises.

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You go, guy(s)!

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