My Favorite World Debuts on Wednesday

Tomorrow (well, late tonight) marks the first installment of My Favorite World, a weekly feature that highlights some things that make this my favorite world. It could be a book or paintings or teevee or whatever, but it will always be something that is immune to boredom. These are the things that make me do the happy dance, only that’s just inside my head because my dancing, while not boring, is surely terrifying.

My aim is to bring you something you didn’t know about before. Hey, it’s the middle of the week, life is hard…how about something new and wonderful to think about? FTW? No! MFW!

For the debut tomorrow, posts about two cool things…a review of the first collaboration between two of my favorite guitarists, Nels Cline and Julian Lage, and how a stray Facebook post helped remind me that this is My Favorite World.

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